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Facts and observables of faith.

Has fundamental science really ruled out faith and spirit? In science people speak about facts and observables one can confirm by repeated experiments. It is often used as argument against faith where are no such. But is it right? Before you fail in such a lame argument let me give you some food for thoughts.

What really would Ockham slaughter with his razor, would it be physicalism (materialism and atomism) or spirituality (also extrapolated by Plato in his Theory of Ideas)? Who and how decides which explanation of reality is simpler and why? Dominating and officially supported view does not mean that it is the right one to trust to.


For the most skeptical let's look for examples at everyday life. People make choices, they move and interact with

this world. Now the anthropological factor is that important that sustainable development became upfront reference in economics and research. What person believes to be important and crucial influence its choices and actions, what family believes is part how it functions, what population believes sets course for city and country, for politics and internal affairs, what populous of the whole planet deems to be relevant decides its destiny. Facts and observables that we can't ignore and that are part of our life, its meaning and strife for happiness. Have not the teaching of great characters of the past, for example of Yeshua (Jesus), had great impact on history, morality, historical acts and human values? It is more than just a stone that does not care if by the law of gravity it falls from the cliff and shatters to pieces (while we measure acceleration due to the Earth's attraction). So the facts and observables of faith being the very acts of spirit controlling the physical body are ginormous.

For more open-minded let us first think about the essence of matter, space and laws. Quantum Field Theory (QFT) states that elementary particles and fields (constituents of matter) are described by wave-functions - mathematical tools. Wave function includes nature of the particle (mass, spin, charge etc) and its statistical properties. Fields are written in Lagrangian density which have proper fundamental symmetries (more mathematical abstraction) and tells us how fields and particles interact with each other. Big question still remains, how gravity being the curvature of space-time, to be included in QFT. Although Einstein's General Relativity equations connect matter and curvature of space, but is there really a difference between them?!


Symmetries produce what we call 'laws of nature', for example conservation of energy and momentum. So at the essence we have abstract model of statistical order governing space-time-matter fields... fuzzy clouds of possibilities... so where did those hard fact 'balls' we can touch and observe go?! That clear distinction of material reality has gone.

One more thing here is the end of determinism,

Newtonian laws and notion of trajectory, where we could assume position and velocity of a point simultaneously. It was coined as Heisenberg uncertainty principle, if one to measure something he is always gets involved with measuring device and disturbs the system... next question to ask, what about the person involved, do his will, faith and interest effect the outcome?! By default due to naturalistic mindset we swept it under the rug, pronounced results to be objective and unbiased. But science can't exist on its own, scientists are creators and perpetrators of it, thinking and conscious force behind the formalism of the theories. By the way why bias is always bad thing? Isn't it makes us unique individuals and creative 'out of a box' thinkers?!

So, we know that measurement can alter the system state, but as well as will of the person can too, it is matter of further investigation and question of essence of interaction of "matter" and consciousness. And here comes the worldview, if self-awareness is result of matter network, dynamics and structure or it is of the spiritual origin. Fundamental nature of it is still not clear from cognitive science perception and again the explanation depends on one's favorite worldview. Random process with default ("natural") distribution law can become directed and altered by consciousness, I think it is the best way to try to grasp how matter and spirit interact on the most fundamental level. So one can live by luck believing in random world and chances or on the other hand live blessed and with purpose by altering the reality with his will, faith and proper actions. One's life is

the huge experiment with facts and observables of his own believes.

Now we are to go beyond worldview of pantheism and see if there is unique self-aware Consciousness (personality) behind the "curtains" of the physical reality. The One that sets the Order and Symmetries and Default statistics of the "physical reality" and have "direct access" to anything anytime. Is the Order result of consciousness (intelligent design) or order spontaneously created consciousness in evolution of expanding cosmic dust?!

Fractal: Mandelbrot set. Created by very simple rule but has complex look and infinite zoom-in structure.

Therefore the facts and observable of the One are of the very essence of our existence. The image in us which

allows us to love, to create, to communicate universally and drives to develop morally, spiritually and complete the purpose, fulfill its own life. Why I should compare it with Flying Spaghetti Monster that has nothing to do with essence of human spirit and growth. How do I relate to it and what is his role in human history? Those who made it even do not truly believe in it themselves (because the idea is to oppose made up gods of religion).

Clearly the Monster lacks of facts and observable by design.

By its nature spiritual reality has to have its own order, dynamics and harmony. Fragile equilibrium can be altered by grain of sand. Complex situation consists of all the wave-functions of people and things involved in the circumstances as well as their will, faith and thoughts. Direct influence is the actions people do and indirect are "gears and balances" in spirit altering statistics of objects in coherent way directed to some purpose.... for instance, miraculous salvation instead of very probable fatality.

When one goes to the Art Gallery and stops by the Painting that impressed him. He/She looks

and study the colors, the shapes, the techniques, chemistry of paint etc. But if one is really into the art he also pays attention to feelings, aesthetics, "internal" impression and stimulated thoughts, the "spiritual taste" of the piece of art. And finally about the real appreciation, one looks Who painted it and with what Purpose, what was the story of the Artist and who He is.

Thomas Cole (1842): Voyage of Life - manhood.

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